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Mortgages are available to all E.U. citizens, U.S. and Canada. Loans are available to a maximum of 80% of the purchase price on all property purchase, subject to status. Loan periods can be chosen from 10-15-25-30 years. Current interest rate 5.25% variable, fixed rates on application.

Required documents supplied by you:
1) 3 years Tax returns for self employed or 3 years P60’s.
2) Valuation of your present home/residence.
3) A letter from your Bank indicating that you are a good customer of long standing.
4) Marriage certificate (if married).
5) Copy of Passport/s

For couples who are buying in joint names all of the above are required for both if available.

Documents necessary pertaining to the property to be purchased:

1) Land Registry Certificate.
2) Zoning Certificate.
3) Copy of your Preliminary Purchase Contract (Compromesso).
4) Copy of Vendors “right of title” to sell.
5) Valuation of property.

Paperwork for Mortgages are normally expedited with 30/40 working days, approval in principal can generally be done same day.

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