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Can anyone buy property in Italy?
Yes, anyone can buy property in Italy and equally enjoys the same rights as Italian Nationals.

Is Purchase Tax paid on property higher for non residents?
Yes, the tax paid by non-residents is higher but this also applies to Italian Residents, if the property is a second home, which it would be for non-residents as well as Residents.

Is property in Italy leasehold or freehold?
All property in Italy is FREEHOLD with few exceptions which rarely if ever affect the domestic market.

I understand I have to make a Tax return in Italy every year, why do I need to do this? I do my Tax returns at home!
All property has a presumed income value, that is to say, what the property could generate if it was for example rented out. The Tax form is completed and provided that the minimum allowance is not exceeded NO Tax is due.

I have been told that it is difficult to buy a car in Italy why is this?
Vehicles of any description, cars, motorbikes etc are considered moveable property and in order to buy a vehicle "everyone" needs to register as a resident to comply with the legislation.

How do I become a resident?
To become a resident, you must go to the Questura (Local Police Headquarters) complete a form, supply 3 photographs, have a copy of your Title Deeds and an accompanying letter from your local bank, stating that you have sufficient funds to maintain yourself and after a couple of months, you are registered as a Resident following your registration at your local "Comune" (Town Hall Registrar). As from the 1st January 2007, there is no longer the requirement to register with the Questura - residents permits are now issued by the Anagrafe (Births deaths and marriages) office of the local council, where your property is located.

How do I pay my bills electricity, rates, gas etc?
These can be paid as they are at home, by Direct Debit with your Bank.

What paperwork do I need to ship furniture from the UK to my new home in Italy?
No paperwork as such is required for any EEC resident, you can load up the lorry and send it over as personal effects.

I want to have my house re-roofed and re-wired, where can I find reliable Tradesmen?
We can advise on all aspects of refurbishing and recommend suitable Tradesmen.

Do I need planning permission to re-roof or re-wire?
Yes, local planning approval is required, though in the past this was an extremely time consuming and lengthy process, changes have been made over the years which have accelerated the process to in some instances 3 weeks (for minor refurbishment) and others a maximum of around 3 months.

What do I do if I am ill?
Local Doctors will treat you immediately at no charge provided that you have a completed E111 form in the UK and have it with you, there is a reciprocal agreement with the UK and throughout the EEC. Though occasionally people don't have this completed form, they have always been treated at no charge!

Will my UK television work in Italy?
Yes, if it has a European conversion switch built in, if not you will only see the picture but, no sound.

Is Satellite TV available in Italy with English channels?
Yes, but only the free ones, CH4, SKY News. You may need a larger dish to receive the full range of channels.

Can I use my UK mobile phone in Italy?
Yes, but it is worth while buying a local phone card and putting this in your phone.

My fiancé and I want to get married in Italy is this possible?
If yes, what is the procedure?
Yes, many people opt to get married here, the weather guarantees a wonderful occasion and many guests take the opportunity of making it into a holiday!
The usual paperwork is required birth certificates and a certificate of non impediment and you can then be married either in the Church or at the local registry office.

What are the best buys in Italy?
Without doubt clothes, shoes, jewellery!

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